April 6, 2016

3 Key Technical Elements Of Software Development

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Requirement Analysis

Following are the important 3 Key Technical Elements Of Software Development

Requirement Analysis element of software-development

Have you ever got messed up in the middle of the project when you actually have to concentrate on the deliverables and functionality. Yes? Than I bet you haven’t done enough analysis for the requirements. The key is to listen to your clients and read crucial documents. This helps in not only knowing what client wants but also to understand what are the requirements.

Code Quality and Architecture

Code Quality and Architecture element of software-development

Many times an app, website or any software is designed, and developed but in the development process if the architecture is not well and if the code structure is not dynamic and sturdy the software could fail when scaled. In this case both client and developer needs to understand that it takes lot of effort in building an initial architecture of any software.

Version Control and Deliverables

Version Control and Deliverables element of software-development

Well this is the most crucial thing to keep in mind. I am sure there might have been cases where either you have no backup or if working in a team you have no idea who messed up with the code. For these reasons version control is very important. It helps you to keep track on your development and team work. Other factor is deliverables. It is because you have not done the requirement gathering properly you are not able to make milestones, deliverables and properly execute the software process. It is very important to have everything documents so that it is the smooth end-to-end process for the clients as well as for the developer.


We keep in mind these 3 key elements, but there are many other factors design of the software has a great impact and also technical feasibility, time, skills etc. Join us to grow with us and give us an opportunity to deliver you success. Contact us!


Software development is the process of designing, coding, testing, and maintaining software applications. It involves creating computer programs that fulfill specific user requirements and solving complex problems through programming languages.

The main six elements of the software development process are needs identification, requirement analysis, design, development and implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Because it determines the functionality, performance, and reliability of the software. It involves making decisions on programming languages, frameworks, and architectures that will ensure efficient and effective development. A strong technical foundation allows for easier maintenance, scalability, and future enhancements of the software.Β 

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