October 23, 2018

5 most important things to make your mobile app holiday season ready!!

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After travelling to various parts of the world during festive season, I have learnt that all countries have one thing in common and that is celebration in the festivals they enjoy the most. In these times of fast life everyone and people of all ages are looking forward to celebrate the holiday season in the best way they can.

And so here is an opportunity for the online and mobile retail and wholesale stores to take advantage to know their customers and give them the best product and service.

Here are 5 most important things you can do to make sure your app is ready for the holiday season:

Decorate your app

People around the world decorate their houses and same way your platform is a place where people are going to visit before the season arrives and even during the holiday season. So go ahead and make small changes. Few things you can change are:
• Changes to the logo as per festival.
• Small changes to other icons in the app as per festival.
• Light color backgrounds specially for festival.

Market your content and offers

It is very important that people come to know about your app being ready for the holiday season. Once you are set make sure you have few things in pipeline:
• Send emails to let your customers know about the updates.
• Let your preferred customers have a sneek-peak.
• Create a buzz about any offers or discounts you are going to put before or during the holiday season.

Customers will love your app if you keep in touch with them and welcome them to your application.

Wish your customers

If you are a online store send small greeting cards along with orders for your customers. If you are not a online store you can exclusively send greeting emails or a postcard which makes your customers feel good and comfortable with your brand. Don’t forget to tell them how you feel about your customers.

Anticipate a rush during holiday season

Ensure your app is scalable enough to handle rushes and address any issues promptly. Keep users informed about potential delays. In worst situations you should have a plan B in place for retaining good customers. For this you should integrate your app with proper analytical tools.

Analyze your product and audience

This is the best time to analyze your product and audience. This is the time when you will come to know how good and stable is your application and what changes needs to be made. Not only in the application, you will also find out many improvement which you can do in your system and flow in your organization.

  • With proper tools you will be able to learn a lot about your app like:
  • Stability – Add powerful, yet lightweight crash reporting so you can fix issues fast.
  • Deployment – Streamline and automate your beta distribution and app deployment process.
  • Engagement – Get insight into your users and what actions they’re taking inside your app.
  • Retention – Uncover behaviors that correlate with healthy and unhealthy users.
  • Growth – Drive app installs and monitor active users.
  • Revenue – Easily monetize your app with ads.

If you keep up with these few important points it will help your app to outperform. If you have any queries feel free to contact us. We will arrange a free consulting session exclusively for you. We also provide end-to-end business solutions for startups, small and medium scale organizations.


This period is commonly known as the time when retailers offer substantial discounts and promotions on their products or services. Many consumers take advantage of these deals during this time to buy items for themselves or as gifts for others.

During the holidays, consumers are motivated by limited-time offers, exclusive deals, and the desire to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. The sense of urgency created by these factors drives consumers to actively seek out and make purchases, leading to a boost in sales for businesses.

During the holiday season, customers can enjoy significant discounts and exclusive promotions on a wide range of products. This allows them to buy more items or higher-quality products that may have been out of their budget otherwise.

August 24, 2018

Do you need a mobile app for your business or just the website?

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Do you need a mobile app for your business or just the website? This is a very interesting question, since the time mobile applications have increased in number and many businesses adopted the mobile app as there primary source of income.

We are in the age where mobile applications are at the top of the list when driving a business but if we actually look at the bigger picture there is lot more to explore and understand.

Try taking an example of your daily routine. Within 1 hours of waking up in the morning and how many different apps you might be looking at. It could be any financial app, news app, fitness app, emails etc. According to Soasta 84% Smartphone Owners use apps during their morning routine.

mobile app for your business

1. What is a utility app?

Apps like battery monitoring, flash, calculator etc. They could be standalone or dependent on an external source or your phone sensors for data or hardware.

2. What is a gaming app?

Mobile games like Temple Run, Angry Bird and lot of other small educational gamified apps for learning.

3. Which are other kinds of apps?

This consists of all other kind of apps that you use from the app store like news, social media, informative apps etc.

4. What is an enterprise app?

These are applications that you mostly do not find on the app store. They are designed and developed for internal use of a company or organization. For example Sales Agency uses this for monitoring employee customer visits and sales representatives can enter data from their visits etc. These apps are also developed in the same way the other apps are developed but only the distribution channel is different.

5. Which kind of app suits your business the best?

Well, now since we have categorized the apps the question Do you need a mobile app for your business can do your job. It totally depends on which category you fall into and what is your business goal.

Businesses building apps that fall in the 4th category are purely building customized apps for improving organization workflow, tracking progress and many other reasons in the interest of organizational productivity and growth.

In 1st and 3rd category apps can also be an extension to your website and can also provide some additional or extended feature to your customers. It can also give you insights on your customers interests and what they are looking at.

I am sure that these insights will definitely help you in answering your question, but when in doubt contact us. We will arrange a free consulting session exclusively for you. We also provide end-to-end business solutions for startups, small and medium scale organizations.


The choice between creating an app or website for a business depends on its nature and target audience. Apps offer more interactive experiences for constant engagement, while websites are more practical and cost-effective for information or product showcase. Conducting market research and understanding customer needs helps make the right decision.

There are various reasons, such as that it helps connect a wider audience, attract new customers, increase brand presence in the market, increase traffic and engagement, and build trust.

Mobile apps and websites collect different types of data, as they serve different purposes and have distinct functionalities. While both can collect user data, mobile apps often have access to more personal information due to permissions granted by users. It can track location data and have access to device-specific information, which websites may not have.

July 19, 2016

How to get UDID from iOS Device?

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How to get UDID of iPhone or iPad?

You might have come across this a lot of times when your developer or tech team might me asking you for your iOS device UDID. To give them UDID is safe and is not going to cause any harm because they will require to send you the app that can be installed in your phone. We will start with knowing what is a UDID and then move towards fetching your UDID from iTunes.

If you do not have iTunes installed on your computer you can start downloading iTunes while you read this article.

What is a UDID of iphone or iPad?

Unique Device Identifier. A sequence of 40 hexadecimal characters that uniquely identify an ios device.

Why do you need UDID?

For device testing and adhoc distribution in mobile app development process you might need to provide the UDID of the iOS device to the developer. So that the app can be distributed and you are able to test. For this you may also require to signup to the Developer Account with a membership fee of $99 annually.

How to finally get UDID of your iOS device?

1) [Download & Install iTunes](http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/)

2) Open iTunes
Open the installed iTunes.

3) Connect Device
Connect your iOS device to the computer.


4) Final Steps


I hope you have a good understanding on why and how to fetch UDID from your iOS device. If you have any further queries you can always contact us.

May 17, 2016

How an app design can make wonders!

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You have a great app idea, you have a very good response and the market is open for your idea, but have you ever thought of what if the app design & development is not executed in the correct way. You can also check out our post on key elements of software development.

Let us consider the two most common and successful app platforms for our discussion, Apple and Android. An app’s most important attribute is its design. I have come across hundred’s of entrepreneur’s to whom my first question is who are the users of your application? Asking for the users makes it clear and easy to understand that the physcology of the user, geography of the user and under what surroundings the user is going to operate.

2 most important questions to ask before designing the app

What problem does your app solve?

You have figured out a problem and its probable solution. It is possible that the app can be solving a part of the problem or the entire problem which you have discovered. If not sure you can list down the problems you are focusing to solve and against that you can list down the solutions to those problems which your app is solving? Bam and you have the answers.

Also sometimes the flaw in design and flow of the app creates a different type of a problem. This should not happen. So taking care of the design elements is very important.

Designers must ensure their solutions avoid creating different problems due to design and flow, ensuring a cohesive and effective solution.

Who are your app users?

App users could be across the globe depending upon the app. App targets various individuals, including machine operators, mechanics, musicians, artists, and individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Now this people could be in various environments, surrounding, could be outdoors, indoors, with proper lights or with low light or extremely high light.

All this factors are accountable when the design of the app is to be created and thus the question who the user is, can help the designer to think forward.

The above 2 questions themselves can give answers to many questions which are required to make a best user interface and user experience for the application.

Apart from the fact that the designers contribution to the app is crucial the fact that the development process is also important and can make great impact on the application.

Factors that you can keep in mind for app development


Choose platform wisely. Do research on target region and devices used over in your targeted region.


Secondly the tools that used are important, which helps do the work more efficiently and securely.

Design Integration

Once the designs are ready, developer needs to integrate them and keep in mind that it appears perfectly in all screen sizes. This also includes transitions and animations.

Design Guidelines

Making sure HIG: Human Interface Guidelines are taken care for Apple apps and using Material Design concepts in Android apps makes a huge difference to your app designs.


Some of these facts and notes will help to understand the app design process. For any other assistance with respect to mobile app design you can Contact us!


An app’s design should include a user-friendly interface, clear navigation, and a visually appealing layout. It should also consider the target audience and their needs to ensure that the app meets their expectations and provides a seamless user experience.

The process of designing a visually appealing and user-friendly interface in an app that improves the user experience is referred to as UX/UI design. It involves analyzing the users’ behavior, preferences, and needs in order to build an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Mobile apps should have fast loading time, push notifications, offline access, flexibility, social media integration, easy navigation, and a secure payment gateway.

April 6, 2016

Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Mobile Apps!

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What is an Enterprise?

And Enterprise is a business or a company! But there are lakhs of businesses but not all can be called an Enterprise. An enterprise is a largely scaled business with many departments and lot of people working in each department.

What is EM?

Enterprise Mobility (abbreviation: EM) is a trend which has well take off with people preferring to “Work from Home!” or “Work from anywhere but office!”. Small organizations cannot afford such facilities and only bigger organizations can afford as it has a lot of cost involved.

Do you need an Enterprise Mobility Solution?

EMM refers to software or virtual infrastructure for organizations providing Enterprise Mobile solutions. But why do we even need them?
When you talk “Work from home”, any companies security is at risk. Remote employees face data security risks due to unreliable networks and remote work locations. To make such platforms more secured and reliable organizations make custom mobile apps, websites that are only accessible to their employees, which are more customizable and secured.
Platforms primarily developed for internal use, not distributed across organizations.
Companies must manage assets, devices, and data on various devices, including laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tablets, for employee productivity and safety.

Why Enterprise Mobile Apps and Web Development play significant role?

Enterprise mobile apps and websites tailored to meet organizational requirements.

Enterprise applications developed with organization-specific customization trend increasing. To make things better there are many SME’s also outsourcing for their minimal EM solutions required designed for their company.

Since employees and employers really like the flexibility and the benefits it comes along with it is becoming more and more popular. Do you need an Enterprise App Contact us!


It is a mobile application designed for a company. It enables employees to access information, work together, and accomplish tasks using their mobile devices. These apps commonly integrate with current systems and databases, which simplifies processes and enhances efficiency.

Enterprise Mobility (abbreviation: EM) is a trend which has taken off with people preferring to “Work from Home!” or “Work from anywhere but the office!”. It refers to the ability of an organization to enable its employees to work remotely using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Enterprise mobility boosts collaboration and productivity by providing employee access to company data and apps from any location. It simplifies processes, cuts costs, and keeps organizations ahead in the digital marketplace.

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