October 23, 2018

5 most important things to make your mobile app holiday season ready!!

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After travelling to various parts of the world during festive season, I have learnt that all countries have one thing in common and that is celebration in the festivals they enjoy the most. In these times of fast life everyone and people of all ages are looking forward to celebrate the holiday season in the best way they can.

And so here is an opportunity for the online and mobile retail and wholesale stores to take advantage to know their customers and give them the best product and service.

Here are 5 most important things you can do to make sure your app is ready for the holiday season:

Decorate your app

People around the world decorate their houses and same way your platform is a place where people are going to visit before the season arrives and even during the holiday season. So go ahead and make small changes. Few things you can change are:
• Changes to the logo as per festival.
• Small changes to other icons in the app as per festival.
• Light color backgrounds specially for festival.

Market your content and offers

It is very important that people come to know about your app being ready for the holiday season. Once you are set make sure you have few things in pipeline:
• Send emails to let your customers know about the updates.
• Let your preferred customers have a sneek-peak.
• Create a buzz about any offers or discounts you are going to put before or during the holiday season.

Customers will love your app if you keep in touch with them and welcome them to your application.

Wish your customers

If you are a online store send small greeting cards along with orders for your customers. If you are not a online store you can exclusively send greeting emails or a postcard which makes your customers feel good and comfortable with your brand. Don’t forget to tell them how you feel about your customers.

Anticipate a rush during holiday season

Ensure your app is scalable enough to handle rushes and address any issues promptly. Keep users informed about potential delays. In worst situations you should have a plan B in place for retaining good customers. For this you should integrate your app with proper analytical tools.

Analyze your product and audience

This is the best time to analyze your product and audience. This is the time when you will come to know how good and stable is your application and what changes needs to be made. Not only in the application, you will also find out many improvement which you can do in your system and flow in your organization.

  • With proper tools you will be able to learn a lot about your app like:
  • Stability – Add powerful, yet lightweight crash reporting so you can fix issues fast.
  • Deployment – Streamline and automate your beta distribution and app deployment process.
  • Engagement – Get insight into your users and what actions they’re taking inside your app.
  • Retention – Uncover behaviors that correlate with healthy and unhealthy users.
  • Growth – Drive app installs and monitor active users.
  • Revenue – Easily monetize your app with ads.

If you keep up with these few important points it will help your app to outperform. If you have any queries feel free to contact us. We will arrange a free consulting session exclusively for you. We also provide end-to-end business solutions for startups, small and medium scale organizations.


This period is commonly known as the time when retailers offer substantial discounts and promotions on their products or services. Many consumers take advantage of these deals during this time to buy items for themselves or as gifts for others.

During the holidays, consumers are motivated by limited-time offers, exclusive deals, and the desire to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. The sense of urgency created by these factors drives consumers to actively seek out and make purchases, leading to a boost in sales for businesses.

During the holiday season, customers can enjoy significant discounts and exclusive promotions on a wide range of products. This allows them to buy more items or higher-quality products that may have been out of their budget otherwise.

April 6, 2016

Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Mobile Apps!

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What is an Enterprise?

And Enterprise is a business or a company! But there are lakhs of businesses but not all can be called an Enterprise. An enterprise is a largely scaled business with many departments and lot of people working in each department.

What is EM?

Enterprise Mobility (abbreviation: EM) is a trend which has well take off with people preferring to “Work from Home!” or “Work from anywhere but office!”. Small organizations cannot afford such facilities and only bigger organizations can afford as it has a lot of cost involved.

Do you need an Enterprise Mobility Solution?

EMM refers to software or virtual infrastructure for organizations providing Enterprise Mobile solutions. But why do we even need them?
When you talk “Work from home”, any companies security is at risk. Remote employees face data security risks due to unreliable networks and remote work locations. To make such platforms more secured and reliable organizations make custom mobile apps, websites that are only accessible to their employees, which are more customizable and secured.
Platforms primarily developed for internal use, not distributed across organizations.
Companies must manage assets, devices, and data on various devices, including laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tablets, for employee productivity and safety.

Why Enterprise Mobile Apps and Web Development play significant role?

Enterprise mobile apps and websites tailored to meet organizational requirements.

Enterprise applications developed with organization-specific customization trend increasing. To make things better there are many SME’s also outsourcing for their minimal EM solutions required designed for their company.

Since employees and employers really like the flexibility and the benefits it comes along with it is becoming more and more popular. Do you need an Enterprise App Contact us!


It is a mobile application designed for a company. It enables employees to access information, work together, and accomplish tasks using their mobile devices. These apps commonly integrate with current systems and databases, which simplifies processes and enhances efficiency.

Enterprise Mobility (abbreviation: EM) is a trend which has taken off with people preferring to “Work from Home!” or “Work from anywhere but the office!”. It refers to the ability of an organization to enable its employees to work remotely using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Enterprise mobility boosts collaboration and productivity by providing employee access to company data and apps from any location. It simplifies processes, cuts costs, and keeps organizations ahead in the digital marketplace.

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