May 15, 2019

Nextsavy Technologies: Top Indian App Developer on Clutch

Nextsavy Technologies
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Nextsavy Technologies: Top Indian App Developer

Nextsavy Technologies with the mass expansion of the mobile platform, quality mobile apps have become a common delight for users the world over. The benefits of mobile apps for businesses are expansive, but many firms lack the in house talent to execute on their mobile visions, which has created for a robust market for mobile development.

In the market for mobile development partners, we stand out from the crowd. We are pleased to have been included on Clutch’s directory of the top mobile app developers in India, a result of their in depth research effort on the industry. Clutch is a leading provider of verified ratings and reviews for B2B service providers. Our inclusion is an honor, and we are pleased to have outranked many of our competing firms.

Although Clutch’s research efforts helped set us apart as a top Indian App Developer firm, our client reviews were the most important factor in our inclusion. We maintain a perfect rating of five stars, thanks to feedback like this:

“In addition to their extensive knowledge of development, Nextsavy Technologies’ customer service and problem-solving skills stood out. They were constantly suggesting ways to improve our site and strengthen our digital presence.”
– Partner , Protetto Glassware

In addition to the recognition and praise we have received from our Clutch and our clients, we have also been featured on The Manifest as one of the top web designers in Ahmedabad. The Manifest serves as a resource for firms of all shapes and sizes, helping them address their challenges. We are proud to be featured as a top firm on two different platforms, and we have decided to add another to the list. We have created a profile on Visual Objects, a platform for mobile app developers and other firms to share their work with prospective clients.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us become regarded as a top firm. We are proud of our work, and we are so grateful for the support that we receive from our clients. Although we are featured as a leading firm, we will work even harder to continue delivering results for our clients.

July 19, 2016

How to get UDID from iOS Device?

Nextsavy Technologies
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How to get UDID of iPhone or iPad?

You might have come across this a lot of times when your developer or tech team might me asking you for your iOS device UDID. To give them UDID is safe and is not going to cause any harm because they will require to send you the app that can be installed in your phone. We will start with knowing what is a UDID and then move towards fetching your UDID from iTunes.

If you do not have iTunes installed on your computer you can start downloading iTunes while you read this article.

What is a UDID of iphone or iPad?

Unique Device Identifier. A sequence of 40 hexadecimal characters that uniquely identify an ios device.

Why do you need UDID?

For device testing and adhoc distribution in mobile app development process you might need to provide the UDID of the iOS device to the developer. So that the app can be distributed and you are able to test. For this you may also require to signup to the Developer Account with a membership fee of $99 annually.

How to finally get UDID of your iOS device?

1) [Download & Install iTunes](

2) Open iTunes
Open the installed iTunes.

3) Connect Device
Connect your iOS device to the computer.


4) Final Steps


I hope you have a good understanding on why and how to fetch UDID from your iOS device. If you have any further queries you can always contact us.

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