Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Mobile Apps!

Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Mobile Apps!

What is an Enterprise?
And Enterprise is a business or a company! But there are lakhs of businesses but not all can be called an Enterprise. An enterprise is a largely scaled business with many departments and lot of people working in each department.

What is EM?
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EMM is Enterprise Mobility is a trend which has well take off with people preferring to “Work from Home!” or “Work from anywhere but office!”. Small organizations cannot afford such facilities and only bigger organizations can afford as it has a lot of cost involved.

Do you need an Enterprise Mobility Solution?
EMM – Enterprise Mobility Management is a term used to define a software or a virtual infrastructure that allows organizations to give Enterprise Mobile solutions. But why do we even need them?
When you talk “Work from home”, any companies security is at risk. Employeed may be working in their own laptops or computers, they may be connected to any unreliable network and they could be anywhere in the world where anything could happen to the confidential data of the company. To make such platforms more secured and reliable organizations make custom mobile apps, websites that are only accessible to their employees, which are more customizable and secured.
Many such platforms are being built only for internal purposes and are not distributed across the organization.
It becomes important for the companies to manage their assets, devices and data in those devices, it could be a laptop, desktop machine, mobile, tablet or anything that is used by the employee for their work.

How Enterprise Mobile App and Web Development play significant role?
Enterprise Mobile apps and websites are designed and tailored specially to cater the requirements of an organization.

It is a growing trend of developing Enterprise applications which are carefully crafted according to the organization. To make things better there are many SME’s also outsourcing for their minimal EM solutions required designed for their company.

Since employees and employers really like the flexibility and the benefits it comes along with it is becoming more and more popular. Do you need an Enterprise App Contact us!

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