July 25, 2016

RLAHD – iOT Bluetooth App


RLAHD is an app which connects to various bluetooth/BLE devices in central mode and communicates with devices to operate from a phone and save data to the cloud.


Bluetooth Connectivity

BLE peripheral devices are connected using iOS / Android framework to connect to peripherals in central mode.

App Design

App design is simple is more focused on labours who will operate this app in adverse conditions. Instead of eye catching UI the focus is on the UX - User Experience.

Smart Admin Panel

An admin panel which allows our clients to access all data that are recorded over all the iOS / Android devices and there are reports also that clients are able to view by either exporting csv/excel or attractive visual graphs.


Tools & Technology


  Wordpress 4.6   Core PHP   iOS and Android
  Web Designing   CSS, JS, AJAX   User Experience