April 6, 2016

Wearable Devices

The wearables revolutions has arrived!

One of the survey undertaken on one third of US and UK’s adults stated that wearable technology has helped their career development. Wearable technology space has become an emerging trend. Today people are integrating technology in their life in such huge scale that it is really finally coming together across the board with products from whole range of industries. The key is not just throwing the technology but making its maximum use. It is less an extension of oneself and more a part of oneself.

“The power of wearables comes from connecting our senses to to sensors.”

Matt Miesnieks, CEO Dekko

Why choose us for your connected device projects?

Our team is constantly updating and upgrading themselves with the change and arrival of new and upcoming trends in wearables, BLE, beacons. This brings us to iOT where everything is connected. We build ecosystems for organizations where they can exists hassle free with their mobiles, sensors, backend and dashboards doing most of the work for them and can rely on the automated results.

Get in touch with us for knowing and understanding what are the possibilities with the solutions we provide with wearables, iBeacon applications, BLE devices, sensors, hardware prototypes, interactive dashboards and analytics, developing proof of concepts and many more trends in a wide range of industry with personal and commercial applications.