April 6, 2016

Mobile App Porting

Are you looking to increase your user base?

You may have an iPhone application but you want to cater and target Android users and increase your reach.
You may have an Android application but you want to go premium by developing an iOS app.
You may have a web application, desktop software or a website and you are willing to go mobile with iOS or Android or Windows apps.
We do it all for you. Our team of experts understands what is your existing system, software details and what all things you would like to present in the new platform. Experts will identify native styles and trends for your application to flourishing your app in the new platforms.

Process for porting your software

We believe in simple processes which consumes less time and give maximum output, so we use agile methodologies.

1) Our expert team analyses and understand your requirement and existing software, algorithm and structure.
2) Documenting the new platform feature list and functionalities.
3) Offering solutions, suggestions and ideas to adopt new trends and best practices.
4) Agile development process for requirement to materialize and delivered on time.

We have given solutions to industries who were looking to scale up, expand or experiment with new technologies, trends and reach maximum number of users directly.