July 25, 2016

Where is my phone – App


WHERE's my iPhone is an intelligent mobile app for  people often forgetting where they have left their phone.




App uses a custom design to make sure that the user does not have to work hard to setup. Easy to set UI/UX.



The app can record custom sounds or can use presets. The app is smart to shut the alarm to when the iPhone is taken back into the hands of the users. 


How it work?

Select a preset word/phrase or add a custom one. Select and press the home button. If you misplace your phone just loudly clap and speak the word you selected and you will hear a sound coming from your phone. It is intelligent enough to save your battery from draining.



Tools & Technology


 iOS 7.0+ SDK  XCode 7.0+  Third Party API's
  Smart Engine   Audio   Voice Recognition